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The Integrated Seed Sector Development project in Ethiopia (ISSD Ethiopia) is implemented under the umbrella of the Bilateral Ethiopian Netherlands Effort for Food, Income and Trade Partnership (BENEFIT Partnership). The project goal is to improve female and male smallholder farmer access to and use of quality seed of new, improved, and/or farmer preferred varieties to sustainably increase agricultural productivity.

ISSD is an inclusive approach that recognizes and builds upon a diversity of seed systems. ISSD recognizes the relevance of informal and formal seed systems, as well as the complementary roles of the private and public sectors. The ISSD approach promotes entrepreneurship and market orientation, and facilitates the development and implementation of enabling and evolving policies, for establishing a dynamic seed sector. Building upon a diversity of seed systems, interventions guided by ISSD foster pluralism in the interests of food and nutritional security and economic development.

The project focuses on:

  1. Supporting a pluralistic and market oriented seed sector through the capacity development of seed production entities in different seed systems and value chains;
  2. Strengthening demand driven seed services and promoting more effective seed coordination and governance mechanisms through multi-stakeholder partnerships to address bottlenecks in seed value chains;
  3. Facilitating the development and implementation of seed policies and regulation which are adapted to diverse environments and societal demands and create a more enabling environment for pluralistic and market oriented seed sector development.

read more about the project in our  BENEFIT-ISSD Ethiopia Project Summary (PDF, 96.6KB)

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Tigray ISSD Regional Unit, Mekelle University

Tel: (251) 914703197, Mail: mekelle@issdethiopia.org

Oromia East ISSD Regional Unit

Tel: (251) 913498532, Mail: haramaya@issdethiopia.org

SNNPR ISSD Regional Unit, Hawassa University

Tel: (251) 916826354, Mail: hawassa@issdethiopia.org

Amhara ISSD Regional Unit, Bahirdar University

Tel: (251) 918769629, Mail: bahirdar@issdethiopia.org

Oromia South West ISSD Regional Unit

Tel: (251) 913645254, Mail: oromia@issdethiopia.org

Project Management Unit

Tel: (251) 911842210, Mail: info@issdethiopia.org