BENEFIT-ISSD Ethiopia provided training on seed quality control techniques and principles

BENEFIT-ISSD Ethiopia project organized a training program for experts of four public seed enterprises on Seed quality control techniques and principles, from June 15-16, 2017 at Bin International Hotel, Bishoftu, Ethiopia. The objectives of the training are to equip public seed enterprise experts with the basic seed quality control techniques and principles; to minimize the incident of supplying sub-standard seeds for the smallholder farmers and to create experience sharing forum for the seed quality control experts of the public seed enterprises.

 The training was organized based on the training need assessments made by BENEFIT-ISSD-PMU in consultation with the managers of the four public seed enterprises.
37 seed quality control experts of the four public seed enterprises (Ethiopian Seed Supplies (ESS), Oromia Seed Enterprise (OSE), Amhara Seed Enterprise (ASE), and South Seed Enterprise (SSE)) have participated in the training program.

The training involved presentations on field level seed quality control methods and principles for cross-pollinated and self-pollinated crops and on laboratory seed testing techniques - like seed purity analysis, germination and moisture tests. All training sessions were supported by practical works. 

Following the presentations, participants were split into four groups and discussed on pre-arranged discussion points to know whether the participants clearly understand the seed quality control techniques and concepts which had been presented during the training sessions as well as to enable them relate the theories they learned with the practice they are doing at the field levels. At the end of the group discussions, there were group presentations and panel discussions on the group reports. For further reference, soft copies of presentations had been given for the trainees. 

The group and panel discussions were very hot and participation was interesting. The participants appreciated ISSD for organizing this type of training program.  They said, “the training is timely and will help them to improve their seed quality control skill and hence, enable them supply better quality seeds for the smallholder farmers”.

The training is expected to reduce the extent of seed rejection due to quality problems; contribute to the increase to farmers’ satisfaction with the quality of seed they buy from the public seed enterprises; and create better understanding between the public seed enterprises and external seed quality control laboratories.

For more read Important issues raised and recommedations forwareded by participants

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