Enforcing seed regulation implementation for better seed sector development

BENEFIT-ISSD Oromia East unit organized a seminar on Ethiopian Seed Regulation to create awareness for seed value chain actors and stakeholders on Ethiopian Seed strategy, policy, and regulation on July 31,2017 at Ras Hotel, Harar City. The seminar has also objectives aimed at enforcing implementation of seed policy and regulation, designing solutions for current challenges in seed production, certification, distribution, and use in Hararghe Zones and clarifying roles and responsibilities of actors and stakeholders involved in seed value chain.

 Vibrant seed sector demands enforcing seed sector governing regulations to ensure proper implementation of roles and responsibilities among seed value chain actors in the seed sector. To ensure quality seed production, certification and marketing seed value chain actors should develop clear knowledge on seed production and marketing regulations.  

A total of 28 participants from Research Centers, Universities, Farmers’ Cooperative Unions, Seed Producers’ cooperatives (SPCs), Ministry of Agriculture, Oromia and Zone Bureau of agriculture and Natural resource, Agricultural Transformation Agency, and media organizations participated on the seminar.

Opening the seminar, Dr. Mangistu Ketema, Director for Research, Extension and Publication at Haramaya University Research Office said that “seed value chain linkage in Hararghe is very weak and needs urgent intervention.” He noted that ISSD project is working in raising awareness of the problem and the University is contributing its share by establishing seed certification and quality testing Centre through the support of Oromia BOA. For institutionalizing the center further, seed value chain stakeholders need to work together.
On the occasion invited experts from Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) and Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) presented discussion papers on Ethiopian Seed Proclamation, regulation on Quality Declared Seed (QDS) and regulations on service fee. Seed sector development and challenges in Oromia and Harerghe zones were also presented to participants by experts from Oromia BoA and ISSD Oromia East Unit.
Participants raised various challenges during discussion on basic seed, seed certification, marketing and linkage among stakeholders in the value chain that reinforced the contents of the presentations.

For detail notes please seed the press release here.

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