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ISSD Ethiopia supports farmers and farmer groups to improve seed management practices in informal seed systems. In intermediary seed systems, it assists seed producer cooperatives in taking seed production up as local businesses. The project strengthens the capacities of small, medium, and national seed enterprises to produce and market quality seed in formal seed systems. ISSD Ethiopia also addresses seed value chain bottlenecks across these seed systems and works to improve the enabling environment throughout the entire seed sector. The project puts strong emphasis on strengthening the capacities of seed professionals.

Programme on Integrated Seed Sector Development in Ethiopia

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Tigray ISSD Regional Unit, Mekelle University

Tel: (251) 914703197, Mail:

Oromia East ISSD Regional Unit

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SNNPR ISSD Regional Unit, Hawassa University

Tel: (251) 916826354, Mail:

Amhara ISSD Regional Unit, Bahirdar University

Tel: (251) 918769629, Mail:

Oromia South West ISSD Regional Unit

Tel: (251) 913645254, Mail:

Project Management Unit

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