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ISSD Ethiopia aims to identify, prioritize and solve seed value chain bottlenecks in all seed systems. The project promotes strategic linkages among seed producers and input and service providers along seed value chains in order to improve efficiency. Specific attention is paid to engagement with Dutch and international companies involved in seed and seed-related services, to explore and identify business opportunities and support the development of business to business (B2B) opportunities. Seed core groups and stakeholder platforms at regional and national level identify and address challenges and opportunities in specific value chains in regards to the access, availability, quality, and utilization of seed.

In its former phase (2012-2015) ISSD Ethiopia has successfully worked on seed value chain bottlenecks of quality assurance; one result is the approval of seed regulatory authorities in Amhara and SNNPR by the respective regional state councils. Moreover, the project supported piloting of direct seed marketing activities on a wide scale; and supported the establishment of specialized seed units within regional agricultural research institutes for coordinating early generation seed production.


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